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Lucky Star Casino

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Lucky Star Casino Concho Oklahoma

Lucky Star Casino
7777 N. Highway 81
Concho, OK 73002



Lucky Star Casino.... Where all Gamers' are Winners. It's the leisure, the state-of-the-art facility, the service you receive from the moment you step to the casino's front door---All patrons of the Lucky Star Casino are treated like winners. Built in 1994, the Lucky Star Casino is the finest, most modern gaming facility in the state of Oklahoma. The State's finest air-filtration system assures breathing comfort when the bells sound and the winning begins.


  • More ways for gamers to win... Lucky Star Casino offering Vegas like excitement in Oklahoma. Games like, Blackjack, Lucky Tab II, Mega-Nanza, Mega-Mania and Hi-Stakes Bingo.

RV Parking is available.

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