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Welcome to the press kit. In these pages you will find out about the and Dades Innovations, the company that makes it go.

Dades Innovations acquired the website from DGS Consulting, Inc. in April 2002. DGS Consulting, Inc. had displayed the StatesCasinos data as a service to its web visitors since 1998.

Having acquired the data, Dades Innovations enhanced the technology needed to research, maintain, and display the information. During this phase, Dades Innovations put considerable effort into making the pages friendly to the search engines as well as the human visitors. This effort paid off with top ranking in all the major search engines including Google, Alta Vista, MSN, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, and AOL.

During the initial acquisition investigations, Dades found that the casino directories already present on the Internet were grossly out of date, including the data obtained from the DGS website. After the initial release of the StatesCasinos website, Dades contacted each casino in their database to ensure that all information was up to date. At that time, Dades added three important features to the website: 1) Hote/Casino property photo, 2) Hotel/Casino description, and 3) A list of features for each property.

To ensure that the information is up to date, Dades updates their information continually and information for every property is validated at least once each month.

Dades receives many feedback suggestions daily and is continually looking for ways to improve the website. Hence, new features are added regularly. Due to suggestions from their visitors, Dades has added information on RV parking as well as information on whether pets are allowed in the hotel rooms.

StatesCasinos' Mission Statement contributes to the Internet and technology sector by providing new and innovative methods of collecting, retrieving, and presenting information, thereby providing opportunities for customers and advertisers to meet.


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